the taste for beauty
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Nomad, the taste for beauty

The art of selecting and enhancing healthy and delightful premium seasonal produce. A subtleyet generous cuisine, passionate chefs, a touch of boldness`€¦

Nomad, event catering specialist since 1999, has been exploring culinary modernit yoffering unique creations, from customized meal to large-scale project with managed costs and logistics.

# the taste for beauty

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Passionate chefs and culinary designers, creating innovative recipes.

Perfectionistquality managers, aiming for excellence.

Logistics managers ensuring efficient deliveries, traffic and safety standards.

A designer creatingadaptedlayouts and flower arrangements.


A 3,000 m2 production laboratorylocatednext to Rungis market.

A 15,000 mealdaily production capacity.

A research&developmentdepartment.

An « art de la table » and layout studio.

A fleet of equippedrefrigerated trucks ensuring logistics efficiency and food safety.

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controlled logisitics


NOMAD is part of Groupe Eurosites, venue rental and event catering specialist with 50 locations and 500 meeting rooms in France, 5 auditoriums, 10 venues in Paris including the iconic Salle Wagram, Hotel Particulier, Docks de Paris, Eurosites George V`€¦

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a variety of venues for your events